Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Sorting the Facts from Fantasy; and, of course, a Rant

Originally posted on Flames Jamalaya

Bottom line: The Flames are really trying to improve the team. The problem is this is real life, not fantasy. What I mean by that is that Flames trades are easier said than done.

Why is nothing getting done? There is one main reason: No one is willing to trade a player for prospects and picks. Simply put, too many teams feel they have a legitimate chance of making the playoffs.

As a result, if you want the million dollar prize, you are going to have to give a million in a half back. This is what is causing the end of any deals. The Flames have pretty much told anyone and every team in the League they are in the market for a top-six forward. Unfortunately, every team has told the Flames they want a top three dman. And the Flames are telling them they do not want one that badly.

Yes, I know they are trying, or else I would not be doing this blog. The Flames are in no hurry to trade Brodie; he is about as close to untouchable you can get. And you can pretty much say that for Hamilton. Although, I could see him gone before Brodie. Okay, now before you go nuts, I am not saying they are trading Dougie. What I am saying is, Brodie is ahead of him on the depth chart.

There is a reason I have not mentioned Gio. He is not drawing much interest with the way he plays. That is not inside info, just an observation. If he starts picking up his play, the Flames may have an asset they can deal. Again, no inside info, just an opinion from a no-name blogger.

As for the other two the Flames defensemen; the Flames would love to trade Wideman. The problem is that teams are seeing him as a one-year wonder. The way he is playing, can we really blame them? As for Russell, the Flames have to make up their minds what they're doing with him.

Amongst the forwards, the main asset is Hudler. Nothing is getting done because Flames cannot get anything close to making it worth their time. As for anyone else; you're kidding, right? The Flames are either not going to get a thing for them, or the player is us untouchable.

There is no way the Flames are giving up Johnny Hockey or Mr. Monahan. Oh, I am sure they could get a stud for Bennett, but I would harm them if they did. The answer could be Backlund, but he is really struggling and won't get the Flames a million dollar prize.

So there is the problem in a nutshell. Right now, it is a game of chicken. So, Brad Treliving, are you feeling a little fowl?

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