Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What are the Leafs to do?

There are a few questions Mr. Babcock has which will pretty much determine how long of a rebuild the Leafs are in for.

The biggest player that he has to make up his mind what do with right now is:

Jonathan Bernier

Is Bernier's career over as a Leaf? Now this is a loaded question, and you won't get the same answer from anyone.

Let's face facts. Bernier has been a huge disappointment. He has been awful; he is not controlling his rebounds, giving them away like candy. He is giving up at least one bad goal per game. His inconsistent play has been a huge problem for the young defense.

There is no easy solution here. The Leafs have to patient with him, simply because they will never get what he is worth. They cannot play him because he has not earned that right. Obviously, the Leafs really have no choice. They have to see what they can get for him. There is no way he is going get a fair shake with the Leafs. They need to get what they can and run.

The next question is: Who do the Leafs want to keep and build this team around? Babcock has said again and again that he has no interest in trading Dion or Kadri. So who else is staying?

If I were the GM—and of course I am not—I would say: No one! But I would like to list the biggest names I would shop:

Tyler Bozak

I am sure some team would be willing to take a huge gamble on Bozak. The biggest problem is the cap hit. The Leafs will have to take some of the cap. Hopefully, the Leafs can get a pick and a prospect in return.

Joffery Lupul

I still believe that Lupul has some value. Joffery can still be a solid third liner. Again, the main problem is the nasty cap hit. His cap says he is a 2nd line forward. The Leafs will have lower their demands to get this done. I still think it can be done.

The third and last asset:

Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau

Parenteau is a good, cheap forward with some speed I would sell him hard at the deadline. He has played well this season and has been one of the bright spots this season. Pierre has been a special teams superstar, He has been used in both the powerplay and penalty kill. He is a very useful player that every contender could use in their final push.

How about you? Who do you sell at the deadline?


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