Friday, October 16, 2015

The Flames Three-Headed Monster

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You would think the Flames would have gotten a more clear goalie picture by now. Instead, they have a messy, cluttered situation. Why, you ask? Well, it could be for two reasons. The first is obvious. They are equally bad to start off the season. Whether it's the goaltending or the defence, Houston, we have a problem and big one at that. The other is that the Flames muddied the water when they re-signed Ramo. They should have traded Hiller. Instead, we have a three-headed monster on our hands.

The three goalie system does not work. In fact, it often causes a distraction in the dressing room. When any given night you have one or two mistakes in your own end, it becomes almost comical. The goaltending is not picking up that great save when we need it. Which is rather troublesome. Either Hiller or Ramo has to start playing like they want the job. Or do I dare say, bringing in Ortio to give him a shot?

Talking about Ortio, let's face facts. Sitting in the press box is not doing him any good.  Either play him or trade him. The third choice is not a choice. What I mean by that is I do not feel he would clear waivers. I also feel he has nothing to prove in the AHL. You know what happens when you stop moving forward, you regress instead of progressing. That is why I feel they are at a crossroads with him. Play him or find a home for him. As long as he sits in the press box, you are not going to get much for him. He might not even be in the future for the Flames, with Jon Gillies on the farm.

The defense issue concerns me a bit. I know it's early, but the defense seems to be running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Most nights our second pairing has been the best pairing. Hamilton and Gio have struggled at times this season. They are really missing Brodie. His playmaking skills are what the doctor ordered for this team right now.

Yes, it's early, but the Flames have to squash this before it becomes a norm. The forwards deserve some blame for not finishing their hits and taking silly penalties because they are lazy. The players started believing all the hype and no team is going to take them for granted now. There is no sneaking up on teams; they are well aware of the Flames and more prepared to pounce on them.

Again, it's early, but I see nasty habits rearing their ugly heads. This cannot be tolerated. 'Never give up' has to be back in their game. Right now they are not even trying.


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