Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Flames: Crap is crap. What the heck?

Originally blogged at: http://www.flamesjambalaya.com/2016/02/crap-is-crap-what-heck.html

After the incident Monday morning with Hartley leaving practice, someone has to worry that maybe Hartley has lost a little control of the dressing room. Are the inmates running the asylum? If this were the first time, I wouldn't worry, but this is not the first time this has happened. Hence, my alarm, or should I say, concern on this incident.

The Flames have been inconsistent at best. In fact, the Flames have been more awful than good. And this incident really worries me, because a team in shambles should not be doing the crap they displayed on Monday, February 8th.

There is no excuse for this, and I understand why Hartley did what he did. The players have to realize that the season is on the line here. If they continue to play the way they are playing, they may not be able to recover. Which will result in major changes in the offseason. Trust me, it will happen.

Stupid, lazy players are taking off whole periods at a time. Too many times I have said the Flames have to play a full 60 minutes. I, for one, am tired of seeing a very bad powerplay. They have done nothing all season and continue to struggle.

Forwards giving up on plays, floating in defensive zone coverage. Too many breakdowns in their zone. Defense caught standing still while opposing forwards skate around them, and no forwards to back them up.

Then let's talk about the goaltending. Actually, let's not, and pretend we did. At least they have been outstanding since the All-Star break. Unfortunately, it's way too late to save the season. I, for one, wonder why it took them so long to show up.

So you tell me, what gives these players the right to be so happy and pull the stunt they pulled on Monday? This happy-go-lucky attitude may very well mean the end of the Flames. Good on Hartley for doing what he did.