Friday, November 18, 2016

Flames Update

So what do we know so far about Dougie? So far, everyone has heard of the Rumor of Dougie. The first bit of information is that the Flames vehemently deny they are shopping Hamilton.

So, what, exactly what are they doing? Some people are saying that they have told teams quietly that they would be willing to listen. The Flames have been sending out feelers to see if there was any interest. Again, the Flames are denying that they even contacted the teams.

Boy, there was a lot of interest. So far, we have learned that Sabres, Pens, Leafs, Panthers, and Islanders have called on the ability of Mr. Hamilton.

We also know there has only been talk so far. Which pretty much tells us that the price is high.

Johnny Gaudreau

Mr. Hockey's injury has not changed anything. The explanation is simple that the Flames are not going to panic. This much we also know; Dougie is not the only dman with a price. The Flames will listen to all offers on all of their dmen. The majority of interest is in Hamilton.

Simply put, the Flames are not going off half-cocked and trading for a forward at a high price. They are doing all of their due diligence

Things have not gone to plan. They have been horrible. In fact, the only consistency has been the awful power play. They have been consistently woeful. Their biggest achievement is having the puck. So right now, the players will be on thin ice. Management won't have too much patience before the ax falleth.

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