Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Looks Like We Have a Number One Goalie (and other observations)


So it looks like Hiller gets the second start in a row. The biggest story so far this season has to be the goaltending. Hiller and Ramo have been outstanding so far, giving the Flames a chance to win every game this season. Hiller has been on his game every night; especially against the Hawks, making an outstanding forty-nine saves in Chicago. The quality of Hiller’s game I like most is his ability to never be caught out of position. Playing deep in the net seems to help his size to cover the net. 

His size covers most of the net he simply plays the percentages, getting himself in front of the puck.


I have also observed the defense pitching in and causing scoring chances. When they get the chance, they seem to be burrying it. Of late, in fact it seems like they have been getting the bulk of the scoring. Gio, Brodie, and Widemen are jumping in quite comfortably. That is why they are successful. I love the fact they are jumping in with confidence. Without them, the Flames would have no offense at all. They will have to continue to contribute. Without their contribution, there would be no scoring at all.


Mr. Glencross really has to start getting into the game. He has not been playing with any emotion. He is making silly mistakes on a regular basis. He is one of our best forwards, but he has to want the puck. He has been playing without any energy. He does not seem to want to do what he has to in order to be successful. Things have to change. Curtis has a chip on his shoulder, but he has to keep in focus. Seriously, Glencross has remember this a team game. He must learn to a team player. Stop being a ‘me’ player. If he does, he can be a huge asset.


With Raymond and Stajan both being put on the IR, someone has to pick up the slack. Add the possibility of Backlund and Colborne being injured, and we have a problem. The answer could very well be Sean Monahan; he will have the bulk of the responsibility. Another player who needs to pick it up is Hudler. He has pick it up and be the player he can be. He is a highly skilled forward who is capable of being a leader and will have to be in order for the Flames to be a successful team. 

When it comes down to it, the Flames have very few assets, and the ones they have must perform. This team is too good to be a lottery team. But if Glencross, Monahan, and Hudler do not perform, the Flames may very well become one.


Granlund has earned the opportunity, let’s hope he runs with it. I love his skills; he has the tools to be a stud. He is a great playmaker. He will have to contribute in a big way while Stajan and Monahan are on the IR.

(first published at Flames Jumbalaya)