Friday, January 8, 2016

More to life than hockey, a tribute to my wife

If my wife had told me that I would have read seven books of hers, I would have called her crazy. Not because they are bad books, but simply because I am not a reader. Truth be told, it is a testament to the books.

A while ago, I decided to enrich my life, to include more than just hockey. I wanted a better existence. I started reading her books and could not put them down. Now I have read seven of them.

I thought I would give you my thoughts on my favorite top three. I may do a review of the other four. But as this blog ended up being longer than I thought because of how much I love these three books.

A brain-teasing thriller that addresses the very important issue of mental illness. You are sitting there wondering if Abe actually is being watched. This book will keep you on your edge of you seat until the end. It will get you heavily invested into Abe, and it will have you cheering for him from cover to cover.

As you watch Abe, you wonder if he is going to crack and how far. Can he handle the pressure? Will he do something that he will regret? Can he keep his family safe? Can he convince them that he is not going crazy?

What will his wife do? Can she trust him? What can she do when it comes to protecting the family? Can she keep her family from imploding? Can she allow her children to see their father?

Looking Over Your Shoulder emphasizes the importance of family. It reminds us of how grateful we should be for what we take for granted in our lives. It really puts the issue out there: How far would we go to keep our children safe? What would we do when we lose our trust for our spouse? A genuine thriller that will keep you guessing until the end.

This book is so good because it could be real. It shows what could really happen to families if they continue to ignore the real issues. Carmina Knight has everything taken away from her. She has to reevaluate her life and her ideals as she loses her family and her possessions.

You learn how she was raised and it makes you realize what kind of influence you have on your own children. You may not think they listen, but they do. Carmina was raised to believe her parents' ideals. You learn how Julius Knight's ideals led his child down the wrong path. It is a chilling reminder that unrighteous dominion is real and how it can affect the family unit.

With every battle she has, you find yourself hoping Carmina can win. It gives you a true understanding of self-worth. As Carmina gets to know and love herself, you are proud of her for what she accomplishes against the odds.

We read of a wonderful mother, Esther Knight, and what mental illness stole from her as she was forced into the shadows of the domineering male in the home. You hope that somehow her influence can shine on Carmina and somehow help her in the end.

You hope as Carmina is forced to live on the streets that she finds a friend to rely on and help guide her through the homeless life. You find yourself wondering if you can trust her friend Toto, or if he will he just use her.

Cynthia Has a Secret is an enticing story that keeps you wanting more, at the same time reminding you how important your role as a father can be. It gives you true insight into what a domineering enforcer can do to a youth's life.

A truly inspiring look into aboriginal life in Canada. Questing for a Dream shows you the prejudice that we as nation have against the Native peoples. As I was reading about Nadie Laplante's life, I began to learn more about myself.

I recognized the judgments she was facing. I was so upset at the other characters; but at the same time, I remembered the times I saw Natives on the road hitchhiking and how I judged them because of their appearances.

Nadie was a good girl who was raised in a rough life without a mom. She was raised by her grandfather. You watch them struggling together with what the world gives them. You watch Grandfather battle with his demons, and Nadie’s fight against those demons as well.

The only way Nadie could win her battle was by facing them. In order to become whole, you have to remember you are not whole.

Questing for a Dream taught me some of the traditions of Native heritage. I truly had no idea of their beliefs. It gives you a true insight into the Native life. It gave me more respect and taught me to be more careful about judging people on first impressions. Never judge anyone until you have worn their shoes.

For those do not know, I am writing this on my anniversary to my wonderful sweetheart. With fondest regards, I give tribute to her and her writing. She is a wonderful wife and mother with a real gift for writing. I look forward to reading more and more of her books. With each book, I learn to love her talent more.

You can find her at and you can find her books on any of the major online bookstores such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and iBooks. The links in this blog will take you to Amazon.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

Leafs Choices... What to do...?

I have been going over this again and again. And I suspect I am not the only blogger. This issue is what to do with JVR? He is probably playing the best hockey in his career. The price would go through the roof right now. The question is, do we dare trade our best asset for the future?

The business side of me says absolutely; it would speed up the rebuild. The Leafs need to do this the right way, building up the assets as much as we can. The more picks and prospects, the better our chances are that they will pan out. As we know, predicting whether a prospect is ‘can't miss’ is a crap shoot. The more crap shots we get, the more future players we get.

So the next question about the Leafs is the Bernier play. What do they do with him? Bernier has one more year left on his contract, and Reimer is a UFA. So… what to do, what to do… Does Reimer deserve a contract offer? Which one do the Leafs keep? Or do they sign both? My pick is to trade Bernier; again, simply because we can get more assets for him.

Do the Leafs want to win this year? Obviously, they are not going to go public and admit they aren’t aiming to win. But let's face facts. No one wants to win this year. For the rebuild to be successful, it has to be painful. We have to keep the bare bones and sell off the rest to the highest bidder. It will get far uglier before it gets better.