Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Life of a Blogger

There are times I really wonder when to mention a rumour. More to the point, it is so difficult to figure out when a rumour is true. I have not been able to find a reliable source until recently.

Even with a source, the next step is trying to figure out what to report. Over 80 percent of the info I get on discussions does not end up happening. There is an art to determining what has the best chance of happening. That does not mean the information was not true; but just because a team is talking, it doesn't mean they will agree on a package and announce deal.

The Flames have talked to many teams about receiving a number one pick in a trade. Trust me on this; in trying to figure out which ones are going to happen, I am bound to be fooled from time to time.

It is already going full tilt. Canes, Habs, Rangers Oilers, Islanders, Sens, Canucks, all with rumours of their picks in play. Then there is the John Rivers saga. Rumours of Habs, Sharks, and Knights leading the pack. Up to 15 teams want his services. Then there are the Flames trying to make a major trade to dump one of the top four dmen. It is common knowledge that the Flames have three young dmen who could be ready now. The Leafs, meanwhile are desperately looking for a top right dman. They need to shore up their defensive core. Meanwhile, in Long Island—my kingdom for a goalie. The Isles are in dire need of a starter.

Then there is the Lou sweet Lou. Say it isn't so. Are you leaving or are you staying? Oh, the dilemma. Again, I have been assured by every hockey insider in North America that he is leaving.

So please forgive me if I have a mental breakdown as we enter the most active offseason in years. I expect it to get even crazier as we get closer to draft day.

So sit back and share some of the popcorn.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

And the MVP Is? Drum roll please...

So who is the Leaf's MVP this season?

Where would the team be without Matthews? Matthews' injury was devastating, but because the Leafs had such a lead, they still hung onto second place.

Could it be Reilly? The dman has 43 assists and has been the best dman all season. Reilly has carried the defensive core on his back. It is a rare quality for a young man. I would hate to see where this team would be on the defence without him.

The most obvious pick for the MVP vote has to be for the goalie. He has been fantastic all season. He is fundamentally as strong as any goalie in the NHL.  He has outstanding rebound control and always knows where the puck is. It does not matter how much offence we have had this season; there are no playoffs without our goalie.  Andersen has been our most consistent player day in and day out. 

Who do you want to play in the first in the round?  Bruins or Bolts? I may be one of the few who would rather play the Bolts. But unfortunately, it is not my choice. We play the Bruins.

The problem we have with playing the Bruins is their physical play. They will try to overrun the Leafs. Can the Maple Leafs stand up for themselves? They are going to have to play the Bruins tough. They cannot let themselves be intimidated. Reilly has to become the leader and set the example.

The Bruins have too much offence if the Leafs make all those turnovers. I am worried about our suspect defence against the Bruins forwards. They are too big and too talented for the Maple Leafs to be the Keystone Cops. Matthews, Marner, and JVR have to come back and help the defence. The forwards have to help in the offensive end.  They have to play defence first; if they don't, there is no series.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Leafs Buyers? Yeah, maybe a small one.


The Leafs continue to win and have one of the best offences in the NHL. But they have a young defence who continue to show weakness in their zone. To be fair, the forwards have had to start doing their fair share too.

I am the first to admit that watching the Leafs is fun. They are one of the most exciting teams in the league. Their games are full of action, up and down like a yo-yo. No lead is safe, which can be negative or positive.

I have witnessed many games where leads have become an adventure because a forward is trying to add to their stats. I am there right with all the Leafs loving all the offence, but most fans know it is defence that wins cups. The 1980s style of "run and gun" belongs in the past. Yes, the offence has to be part of the game, but total abandonment of the goalies cannot be tolerated.  The Leafs have to play with common sense.

The question is how to fix it? It is common knowledge that the Leafs are desperately looking for defencemen. The big name is Erik Gudbranson from the Canucks, but the price is a problem.  The Canucks will probably want a high pick with a prospect. I am not sure the Leafs are close enough this season to make that trade.

The Leafs have other options of trade bait beside picks and prospects. Tyler Bozak may be on the market. JVR is another name. The Leafs still have not made up their minds what to do.  Are they close enough to keep him and risk getting nothing for him in the offseason? Or there is another option? Perhaps making a "hockey trade" with a team in the West. (Meaning a trade to fulfil both teams' needs.) The third option would be to trade for some prospects and picks and use the assets for a future deal.  Kadri continues to be untouchable for the Leafs, as they are not interested in trading Marner.

For now, it looks as though the Leafs will remain a small buyer, adding small pieces for a run.  The situation is not likely to change, as they seem to be entrenched in that third spot. No one is catching up, but neither are they able to catch up to the hot Bruins.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Worrying signs

There have been some disturbing trends with the Maple Leafs lately. Do we blame the offence for the lack of scoring of late, or is the defence just weak?

I personally think it is a little of both. Or is it the system?  It sure seems like the Leafs go into this defensive shell and take their foot off the gas pedal.  They seem to be afraid of making mistakes with the lead.  When you play like you are trying not to lose, that is what happens — you lose.   The Leafs have to play like they are tied or behind all the time.

The lack of being able to put a team away is very puzzling. Think of about the offence the Leafs have on the roster. There's this Matthews guy, and then there is JVR, Nylander, and many more.  The tightness on the sticks has to loosen up. What do I mean? The Leafs have to go back to the basics.  Go to the net, shoot more, and most important, want it more than the other team.

If this game were based on talent, the Maple Leafs would one of the best teams in the league.  But it isn't. It is based on heart and hard work. The Golden Knights are the proven example of that. There is no other team that outworks the Knights.  The Leafs have to get back to hard work. Defense first and the offence will take care of itself. They have to work as a unit and not as individuals. Lately, the Leafs have had too many me's and not enough we on the roster.

I am looking at  Kadry and Bozak here. They have to become the leaders of this team. They have to start working. Take out the garbage.  There can be no passengers on this team. The Leafs have to realize that they can't win on their looks; it will take hard work. There are no easy wins in this league. The time for playing is now.

Andersen was right in speaking out on this team.  The Leafs have taken to many periods off, especially in the third.  It is time to stand up and start working as a unit. Boy, I'd give anything for some muscle right now.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Book Review Gluten-Free Murder

Erin is looking to clean the slate and starts over.  When she comes to Bald Eagle Falls to open a specialised bakery in her Aunt Clementine's old shop, is she in over her head?

Erin has to come to grips with a suspicious death in her bakery. The most ornery woman in town is the victim. There is no shortage of suspects, including herself. In fact, some would say she is the most significant prospect. Erin will learn what everyone already knows — that there are many secrets in this small Amercian town.

Full-time baker and part-time detective, Erin often butts heads with Officer Terry Piper. Erin's top priorities are to clear her name and find out the truth, and she is willing to do almost anything to get it done. She soon hires new assistant Vicky, and together they make Officer Piper's life more interesting! Not only does Terry have to find the killer, but he spends almost as much time telling Erin and Vicky to stay out of the investigation. Then there is the fact that just maybe the killer might be a little testy about getting caught.  You will not be able to put this book down, with all the twists and turns this murder mystery takes.

Trying to open a business is hard enough without trying to figure out who she can trust, including her assistant Vicky. Life in this small town is more than Erin bargained for; what has she gotten herself into?

A terrific cozy whodunnit you won't be able to put down.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Leafs Update

You have to be quite happy with the Leafs' play of late. There is still the worrisome play in the defensive zone. We still need that fourth or fifth dman that I have been barking about for the last little while.

The game in Colorado had some positives.  The Leafs never quit. Every time the Avs scored, the Leafs scored. The secondary scoring came through for the Leafs with Martin and Polak each getting a goal. So we got a dose on Pickard's debut in Colorado.  Pickard was not bad, and the Leafs might very well put him on showcase for the teams who are shopping for a backup goalie. Or in the Islanders situation, any goalie.

The Leafs showed heart in the contest. They still have a problem with defensive zone coverage. On the bright side, the Leafs are searching long and hard for another veteran defencemen. We do have Bozak, Marner, and JVR for bait, all of whom have been rumoured to be available. They continue to tell teams that Kadri is not.

The price of defencemen is going right now is JVR plus. At this moment, the Leafs are not willing to go that high. Yes, Marner is there, but the Leafs really want a quality dman in return. They would prefer JVR or Bozak as part of the package.  Overall, things are going quite well, but the Leafs have to keep an eye on the surging Bruins, they cannot let up.  Curtis McElhinney continues to be on the sidelines with an upper-body injury, so the Leafs will get a look at Pickard.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

What do we have here?

It is amazing what listening to your coach can do.  Last time I blogged, the Leafs were throwing all caution to the wind. Defense was gone. In fact, it was banned from their vocabulary.   Andersen was the defense everyone else was in the other end.

So what changed? It certainly was not Babcock; Mike has been teaching "defense first" all season. The forwards were not coming back into the defensive zone at all, paying too much attention to the stats.  They were following the leaders of this team, so when the leaders changed, the teams changed. Kadri was the first to change when he started playing with intensity. JVR and Bozak are beginning to do what it takes. The even better news is, the offense has remained as the Leafs defense has improved.

Babcock knows darn well what wins cups.  Defensive responsibility in their own end. The offense will take care of itself. The Leafs no longer have to score five goals to win.  Because forwards are coming back, the defense doesn't have to panic. Giving the defense a target to pass the puck is vital to this team success. Sometimes, it may take a couple of passes to get out of a zone, and that is a good thing.  Get excited people: this Leaf team could be special. Come along for the ride.