Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Flames progress

I can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel. So tell me, why?  What is making the Flames a better team? I have a theory on that; well, at least, on elements which may have been in play. 

Flames Powerplay 

It looks like Mr. Cameron has all the players on board with him. Monahan has been especially good in the slot. He has been quite the sniper of late. The resurgence of Dougie Hamilton has been a major factor in the powerplay success. One could say the Flames have found their powerplay quarterback. Dougie has finally filled a desperate need, which the Flames have not had in years. The final factor: Mr. Johnny is back; I finally see the fire in his eyes. I don't know where he has been lately, but it so nice to see signs of the old Johnny of late. 

Flames Penalty Kill 

Mr. Stajan has been a workhorse. At times, he has been the best forward on the ice. But he has had help this season on the penalty kill in Deryk Engelland. The steady defender has been the biggest surprise this season. He has been consistent this season, doing everything that has been expected of him. Mr. Mikael Backlund has stepped up his game in the kill; his speed has been an intimidating force in the success of the kill. The major success is Flames are sticking to the box.  There not being caught out of position, keeping an eye on the puck at all times. 

Best line all season: Backlund, Frolik, Tkachuk. 

The heading says it all.  This line combo is really a line three in name only.  The three have been working together like a well-oiled machine. It's like they have been best friends for life. Backlund has found a new lease on life with his mates. He is the perfect distributor for two power forwards. Tkachuk is a beast, the power forward the Flames have been missing since some guy named Iggy. His strength in the corners is amazing. Frolik and Backlund have chemistry, together seems like Frolik knows exactly what Backlund is thinking.  Here is hoping this line continues to carry this team for the rest of the season. 


Troy Brouwer injury has brought up an interesting inquiry.  Do the Flames jump in and fill a need right away? Or do they dare stand pat? Which leads me to the fan poll question this week: Do we dare bring Iggy back for one last hurrah?    

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