Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Leafs Talk

Everyone knows how good the Leafs could be with prospects Nylander, Matthews, and Marner leading the way. Now the question is, who do keep to lead the young guns?

Do we continue to rebuild and deal JVR or Bozak? We gave Kadri a new contract; is he our new number two Centre now? Does that make Bozak expendable?

The problem with Bozak is what kind of value can we get for him. He has plenty of skill; I am just not sure teams will be willing to pay 4.2 million dollars for a third-line Centre. I know how most people respond. But they would pay that for a second-line Centre. Can the Leafs sell him as a second-line Centre when he can't be a second Centre on one of the worst teams?

The next question I have is what do we do with Leo Komarov? Was he a one-year wonder? Or can he back that up next season? I would keep him if I knew he could keep it up. But I have my doubts. Can his value be any higher than it is now?

Obviously, there is no doubt we have to keep JVR. That is a no brainer. Having him with Matthews will be a great first line combo for years to come.

Question for the fans:

I will close out this blog by asking: Would you spend the money on Kyle Okposo? On the last blog, I told everyone not to sign Stamkos.  But everyone knows the Leafs will throw the bank at him. But let me ask the fans: Do we spend the cash to get Okposo?

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