Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Leafs draft picks

The Toronto Maple Leafs finally have a chance at a franchise player to build their team around for years to come. There is zero chance of blowing this unless all of their scouts have brain farts. So here are my picks on who the Leafs will pick:

Austin Matthews  1

Duh. This is a no-brainer. Of course, they will pick  Austin. He is the first real number one centre since Darryl Sutter.  Coach Marc Crawford could not say enough about his skill while playing in the Swiss league. By far the most skilled player in the draft.

Alex DeBrincat 31

DeBrincat is a fantastic, skilled forward, a future linemate for Mathews.  Alex is a sniper, which the Leafs so legitimately need.  He has scored over 100 goals for the last two seasons.  Hoping this pick comes through.

Adam Mascherin 57

Mascherin is a powerful sniper who can put a puck in the net.  Adam has speed to burn and uses it to his advantage.   He has a ton of grit with a no-quit attitude.

Jordy Stallard 62

I have seen Jordy play a couple of times this season. The first reason  I like him is his versatility being able to play both wing and center.  Second is his determination to get things done. Stallard won't quit. He will do what it takes to win.

Vladimir Kuznetsov 92

Kuznetsov is a typical Russian power forward.  He is a project who will take a few years to mold.  The Leafs will take their time with him.  Vladimir might be worth taking a chance on.

David Quenneville 122

Quenneville is a big defenseman who had a pretty good year with a very bad junior hockey team, the Medicine Hat Tigers.  The only concern was a minus 21; but with the Tigers, that might be understandable.

Tyler Steenbergen 152

If you want the truth, I am just guessing now.  Tyler had pretty decent numbers. Tyler numbers in Swift Current: 20 goals, 26 assists, 46 points. Another forward who can play both wings wouldn't hurt either.

Luke Coleman 182

Coleman is a big forward with some size who could fill in as a role player.  Leafs need to beef up, and Luke fills the bill.


I expect the Leafs to be busy trying to sell some more assets. Their goal is to get as many assets in this market as they can. Expect Bozak and Lupal to be shopped around.  They may shop their second round picks to get a third first-round pick.

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