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What to do with Gio

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I can see everyone foaming at the mouth reading this title. You may be wondering where I am going with this, but bear with me. By no means am I saying Mark has worn out his welcome. What I am saying is there comes a time where we have to start being responsible with the upcoming cap issues. The Giordano name will go down in history. Mark was one of the best last season. If not for his injury, he would have easily won the Norris trophy. As it was, he had career year even missing the last part of the season. So why would I even consider asking what to do with him?

Again, I am not questioning his usefulness. He has earned my and everyone's respect. My concern is cap management. The Flames have to keep in mind they have to renew Monahan’s and Johnny Hockey's contracts. Then there is the issue of Hudler becoming a free agent in the spring. Now I know everyone is jumping on the "trade Jiri" band-wagon. But that might be easier said than done. The Flames have to consider the effects of doing so.   Consider this; what would have happened to the Flames if Jiri would not have been on that first line? How good would have Gaudreau and Monahan been without him?

The next problem the Flames have is goaltending. The Flames are saying they are fine with their goalies. But if they are really fine, why would they spend so much time trying to land a new goalie? Yes, they signed Ramo on a one-year contract, but that only complicates the issue. All three net minders are on the final years of their contracts. The process of Ortio having to clear waivers in order to be sent down adds to the drama. I am not too sure that he clears. As most of you know, Joni is on a one-way contract. This is his final year.

The third issue is the cap being locked into the defense. Think about it: Dennis Wideman 5.25 Mil, Dougie Hamilton 5.75 Mil, then there is Brodie 4.65 Mil. That is a lot of cap in the defense. Then there will be at least another 7 Mil for Gio. The Flames are talking to Mr. Cody Franson, which really makes me wonder if the Flames are exploring all their options.

How the Flames did at the draft

The Trade

Of course the biggest news of the Draft is the trade that brought Dougie Hamilton to the Flames for $15.45 Mil, with picks going back to bean town.

What do we get with Dougie? We get one of the best young defenders in the League. Already one of the best in League, with the potential of being a future Norris trophy nominee, he is a huge boost to an already-stacked defense. The Flames made trades at the deadline to get those picks to get a good young defenseman.  

The Picks

The first pick was Rasmus Andersson; a good solid pick.  Everyone was shocked about Oliver Kylington dropping down like a loaf of Christmas Cake. So I thought I would do some digging about that same issue. From what I was told, his last season was not one of his best seasons; it scared a lot of teams off. But you have to consider that it’s only one season.

The Flames were assured there were no concerns about his attitude or work ethic. So when he was there, they went ahead and made the trade to draft him at sixtieth. There is concern that he went from 24 to 60, but the Flames were willing to take a chance with him.

Flames Done?

Not even close. They have an overabundance of forwards and defense, especially if the Flames get Franson. They will be forced to move someone.  Expect Wideman or Gio to be shopped unless Gio is signed to a long term deal. 

Signing Frolik 

The Flames truly believe that Frolik can be a top-six forward. He has all the tools to do so. Frolik should go nicely with Bennett on the second line, giving the Flames more scoring depth. You have to love this signing the only negative being the cap hit. But even that is not a problem because the Flames are not in cap trouble.

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