Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Leafs Draft

This year the Leafs drastically need a number one center. I would also not mind us grabbing a top defensemen. With this draft, I don't think there is any reason we can’t.

This year, the Leafs have two picks in the first round: number four and number twenty-four.  

Number 4

The Leafs love center Dylan Strome. He has great vision and can pass a needle through a haystack. He is a solid two-way center who is not afraid to get in the corners. He may not be a physical player, but he won't shy away when he has to  get dirty. Highly reliable when called on.

Number 24 

If he is there, the Leafs would love to get Thomas Chabot. Realistically, he will probably be gone by then. They will probably settle for Jeremy Roy. A solid two-way defender who has ton of potential. 

The Leafs need this rebuild to be successful. They have to pick a solid forward. Strome or Marner will be a must, although Provorov would not be a total disaster. We have to come out with some pieces that this team can build around. Babcock need something to work with. 

This and That

There is talk the Leafs are trying to get another first round pick. I would love to see the Leafs get number 5 and 4 in the first round. Getting Strome and Marner would be give us a huge future. Also look for the Leafs to talk to the Flames to get one of their three second-round picks. They will move down to pick Ivan Provorov. They will try to trade Kessel and Dion, but I am not sure they can swing both of them. 

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