Monday, January 19, 2015

Blow it up!

The Leafs would love to move Dion. The problem is, who is going to take that contract? He is still a solid D-man, but he is not a top pairing one. His cap says he is, and there is the problem. He is a solid defender, but seven million dollars for seven years handicaps the Leafs' budget. 

Most of us would love to see the Leafs to make the playoffs. Every Leaf fan demands it year after year.  But let's get our heads out of fantasy land; sooner or later, reality has to sink in. This team has no business being in the playoff hunt.

Why not? Because they do not have the ability to be consistent. I have witnessed the best of times and the worst of times. Sometimes both in the same game.  The Leafs would have to play with a 700 winning percentage for the rest of the season. It is not impossible, but for the Leafs, it would take a miracle. 

As much it pains me to say this, it’s time to blow this team up. The core is not working, whether it is the coaching or the players. It is just not working. The same mistakes happen over and over again. It is not like these vets do not know the game. The Leafs must learn from their mistakes. This core has not done that.  

What really bothers me is the lack of effort in each game. Once they fall behind, there is no fight to get back. You can almost count the game over the team is behind by two goals. Standing still is not an option. There has to be a consequence to their actions, or lack thereof.

There are more options of course than trading Dion. We could trade Phil Kessle or we could trade Bozak. Or Bernier, another member of the core. 

Let me address the issue of Phil the Thrill. Although his cap very high, he at least is playing his worth. There is an argument that the Leafs could get more for their money. I do feel that we could build a team around Phil. I would never trade Bernier. I would never leave the goaltending to Reimer; he is just not a number one goalie.
Please... if there is any common sense in Shanny... please blow this team up.

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