Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Maple Leafs Draft

Who will the Leafs pick in the draft? The Maple Leafs' priority has to be a puck-moving defencemen.  We must fill up the cupboard.

With the first round pick, I predict the Toronto Maple Leafs select:

Nicolas Hague

A big defender, who is very mobile and moves quickly from side to side.  Hague is a very responsible defencemen who very good in the defensive end.  Nicolas has tons of strength. He will take out the trash when there is a need. Love this kid's guts. He will play with an edge. I am really excited about this defencemen.

With the second round pick, the Toronto Maple Leafs select:

Aleksi Heponiemi

I was told to watch out for Aleksi, a small, talented who can skate with the best of them. He is a pinpoint passer, who has eyes in the back of his head. Aleksi might be the most skilled forward in the draft, simply because of his hockey IQ.  He is like the Energizer Bunny. Everyone wants to hit him, but nobody can. He makes people miss and intimidates defensemen with his ability and speed.   Defense tends to back up when he rushes into the offensive zone.

The Leafs may very well be looking to grab a dman to help this year.  They realize that their weakness this season is the defense. They will attempt to shore up the defense with this draft. They are also looking to trade from strength to a weakness.  Meaning trading one of their skilled forwards for a top three defenceman.

On to the next picks:

Fourth round, Jack Rathbone defense.

Fifth  round, Dylan Ferguson Goalie

Sixth round, Kirill Maksimov RW

Seventh round, Josh Patterson C

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