Friday, September 23, 2016

Notes from Training Camp Day 1

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There is nothing finer than finally seeing some hockey up close. Even if it is just training camp. I was able to attend the last two sessions of today's training camp. Too lazy to get up early enough for the first one.

Here are a few notes from my observations from today's practice. First, let me caution everyone, it's only one practice. This is not be all and end all proposition.

But that being said, there were some players who stood out.

Jon Gillies 

Seeing him today put me at ease. He looked good moving side-to-side.   His glove hand was flashing out like no one's business. Jon is coming off of an injury-plagued season; he has a lot to prove this season.  

Hunter Smith 

For some reason, Hunter was in the group B today. He was listed in group A, but he trained with the second group today. Hunter looked good. He seemed to be a faster skater this season. He looked like he had a good offseason. Hunter looked at home with the big boys.

Matthew Phillips

I like his speed. He is a very quick forward. He is small, but he has some skill. He was making some sweet moves today. I'm not sure he hits the big time, but today he was good.

It was nice to see Chad Johnson and Brian Elliot today at the practices.  It is just nice to see two goalies playing as well as they did.  Brian is a  steady, positional goalie. Chad was equally good today; the goaltending was in good hands.

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