Friday, August 19, 2016

Calgary Flames Announce Monahan Contract

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The Flames announced today they have Monny for the next seven years at $6.3 million.  When the Avs announced the Nathan MacKinnon signing, you knew that Monahan had to get a comparable contract.

So let's compare numbers, shall we?  Mackinnon's numbers last year were 21 goals and 31 assists.  Monahan's numbers clear that with 27 goals and 36 assists, for 63 points. Monny played 81 games, and Mackinnon played 72 games. Mackinnon has a career year 62 points, Monny, 63 points.  So as you can see, the Flames got a pretty good deal both ways.

The contract also puts into perspective the Flames trying to keep contracts under the $7 million a year if they can.  Apparently, the Flames feel having four $7 million players is better than having one $10 million player.  

Which is vital is to the Flames if they want to stay competitive over the next seven years.  Think about it; Bennett's and Tkachuk's contracts are up in the next three years. Elliot is a free agent next season. The Flames will need some cap room to get those contracts done.

It is vital that the Johnny Gaudreau contract stays under the $7 million number. Bennett and Tkachuk will be both stars in the future and will need their money too.

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