Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Leafs Out with the Old, in With the New

The Leafs played hardball with Peter Holland this week, waiving him and leaving him exposed to picked up, then signing him before Peter's arbitration hearing.

I have enjoyed Peter's progression through last season. I can see him being a solid third line centre on the Leafs roster. He is solid in the defensive end. He contributes now and then in the offensive game. Whatever he gets is a pure bonus.

It is the potential I see in him that the Leafs have to consider. This is the reason I am very happy we signed Peter. I think he has the skill enough to score 15 to 20 goals in his career. He will be a valuable asset to have during this painful rebuild.

The Leafs should sign Enroth. He is the perfect backup for Anderson. He will be able to spell him now and then. We do not need to overwork our first string goalie going down the stretch. Enroth was a pretty solid in goal for the Kings, giving them a chance to win in his starts. He knows his role and accepts it.

My mouth is watering with the potential superstar potential of the Leafs prospects in the next upcoming years. Think about it; we have Nylander, Marner, and of course the Stud Matthews. And that is not mentioning the Russian Soshnikov, who has a ton of potential.

The problem is the Leafs need to make room for them. So that means some of the vets have to be gone; Tyler, Bozak, Joffrey Lupul, and Brooks Laich.

The problem there is cap hits. They have worn out their welcome. Trying to find a team that will take their cap hit will be hard.

Lupul is the hardest $5.25 million for two years. Too injury prone. Lupul is a solid player, just made of glass.

Next is Bozak, who is $4.2 million for two more years. His cap hit would not be bad for a second line centre. The problem is he not; maybe a third line forward.

And finally, Laich, $4.5 million for one more year. Which is way too much for a role player. Fortunately, that contract is only one more year.

So they have some work ahead. Can they do it? Only time will tell.

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