Friday, May 13, 2016

Leafs Offseason Notes

This offseason for the Leafs is going to be an interesting one, to say the least. Management has some major choices this days ahead.

The first one is obviously whether or not to sign Steven Stamkos.  On one hand, he is a superstar who can make average players look good.  His 36 goals would go a long way to making the Leafs a better team. But could he make us a playoff team?  I have heard that you do not want to speed up a rebuilding process. You need to be patient when in the process.  So here comes the golden question: Do the Leafs want to be a playoff team, or do they want to fill up the prospect cupboard?

I love the signing of Morgan Rielly. Morgan is fantastic young defencemen.  He is a great centerpiece to build a team around.  He is a fast puck-moving defenceman who is a good two-way defender.   We will have him for the next six years to build this team around.

I question the decision, however, to extend Nazem Kadri.  I understand his season warranted it.  But I am worried about his decisions on the ice.   Going off for no particular reason; I worry that he will be a distraction on the team.

Final word

I am interested to see what the Leafs want to do this offseason.  Will they spend the coin on Stamkos or will they be quiet?  I am hoping for the latter.

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